JESI Learning Management System

The JESI Learning Management System (LMS) is a web-based technology used to create, implement, and assess specific learning processes.

It is a homegrown online education platform of JoBS eSolutions, Inc. Its brand is represented by a Philippine Baby Eagle, an "eaglet" that soars above learner challenges. JESI is a simple, witty, intelligent, smart coach, and buddy. He enjoys assisting students in their learning process and encourages them to reach greater heights as they work on each and every activity.
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JESI Interactive Learning Modules

Apart from JoBS eSolutions, Inc.’s mission to be at the forefront in the sector of Online Language Education, the company has also expanded its reach by providing Interactive Learning Modules through its learning platform, the JESI Portal. This platform may cater not only to universities and learning institutions, but is also open to other types of organizations that would like to digitize their learning materials.
The JESI Portal offers various types of facilities that could be mixed and matched to help best deliver your content to your group of users according to your needs. Aside from this, the company also provides content development services for its clients. Thus, if you have any content in mind that you think would be beneficial to your target market, JoBS eSolutions, Inc,. can be one with you to turn that awesome idea into reality.









Who is JESI?

JESI is an eaglet who is ready to guide you as you take flight and soar high on this journey. He serves as your friendly coach and personal buddy every step of the way as you complete our interactive modules.

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"As we go beyond what we see today, Jobs eSolutions, Inc. is determined to provide quality services to all its clients and partners through the JESI Portal and its Interactive Learning Modules. We are dauntless and tenacious to see this through. Let's engage in conversation and explore all the possibilities ahead. Let us both take flight and soar high like an eagle."